The Wasteland of Rage is a Delicious Buffet Plate of First-Person Action

The folks over at Id have released their fourth Rage developer video and this time the focus is on the wasteland. Take a look at how Id plans on using the open world to facilitate gameplay, with a few food metaphors thrown in for good measure.


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RAGE is looking like a fun game and all, but... these videos are just crap, literally every feature they describe as if we never seen anything just like it before (we have, all of it) and it just goes on and on, touting itself as game-changing. In reality it feels like these guys just haven't created a game in a long long time, to me anyway. Either that or they think we're 10 year-olds who have never played a game before.

Car combat - Borderlands

Electrocute enemies standing water - Bioshock

Post-apocalyptic setting - we've all been over this

Exploration - ugh

Buy items between missions(!) - double ugh

interesting and entertaining NPC's - ...

Really not trying to troll or even harsh on the game itself, the videos tho... not helping.