The Vehicles Of Fuel

If you're going to go open-world racing in the post-apocalyptic world of Codemasters' Fuel, you're going to need to pick the right vehicle.

Fuel provides players with 70 different vehicles to race across its 5,000 square mile world, ranging from the dinkiest dirt bikes to souped up SUVs and everything in between. Pick your weapon of choice and race through the career mode, or take things online with 16-player races. My favorite feature is probably the free roaming online mode, where 16 players can just get together and explore. With a world as large and varied as we're seeing in this video, you'll definitely want to bring some friends along.


Fuel is due out in May for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.



Sometimes when I am watching the news, I turn my 360 on and play a game while I do that. Games that are fun that require a little bit of concentration but not a lot. Games like fucking around in GTA4, or Skate 2, Or even Shaun White. This looks to be another game like that. I've read a little bit about their open-world creating tech and it sounds fascinating, how it's procedurally generated, but is generated the same every time. It sounds like DNA, if you could actually clone people from DNA, and where every time you boot up the game, you clone the world again.