The character creation system in Fallout 4 sure is robust. There are seemingly endless options. But there’s one thing it’s especially good at: making unsightly characters.

No wonder some players are trying to make the most repugnant characters imaginable. So far, the rogues gallery is impressively hideous.


Of course, you can make beautiful characters, too, but what fun is that? (A lot, actually.)

[Image via viciousVontae]

[Via munchie64 | NeoGAF]

[Image via FallOut4Vault]

[Image via TheDkmariolink]

[Image via Kris Smith — AngryFangFace Productions]

[Image via Adam Kovic]

[Image via Urserlicious]

I’m sure it’s possible to do even uglier. We’d love to see your attempts in the comments.

Top image via 1Voice1Life | Reddit

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