The Tale of a Young Boy And His Beloved Game Boy Micro Is Too Cute To Miss

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This is the most adorable gaming-related story I've read all week.

Over at Wired, gaming parent Andy Roberston's young son spotted a Game Boy Micro in a shop window, and more or less fell in love. In the way that kids can so brilliantly do, he became utterly convinced that the Micro—a petite variation on the Game Boy Advance released late in 2005—was Nintendo's brand-new upgrade to the 3DS. "He even came up with a whole hand-drawn comic strip conspiracy story about how the new device had fallen into the hands of the shop and why it was so reasonably priced," as Robertson describes it, "a tale to equal even the leaked iPhone 4 from last year."


The lad, enamored with this mysterious Nintendo device, duly saved his chore money and earned enough from his parents to purchase the Micro a month later. Robertson expected then to have to deal with his son's disappointment over the Micro but this, he reports, never happened. Instead, on playing the WarioWare Twisted and Super Mario Advance 2 that came included with the Micro, the boy has declared them "proof that this must be a new device because they are 'too good to be on the DS.'"


Still, Robertson's son is enjoying his new Micro, and all of the Game Boy Advance titles he's playing on it, so much that he has convinced not only his older brother but also his entire pre-school that the little console—perfect for those small child hands, I suppose—is the must-have gadget of the future.

After reading the tale of his son's joy, I admit Robertson isn't the only one hankering after a way to play some old GBA favorites. Time to putter off and see if I can make my DS Lite work. It's no Micro, but at least it'll do the trick.

Boy Discovers Gameboy Micro, Convinces Classmates It's the Next 3DS [Wired]

(Top photo: Andy Roberston, Wired)


Balmung the Apostle Hunter

Game Boy Advance had some great games! Too bad he didn't see the SP though haha.

Really makes me want to go back and play Golden Sun. Those games are the only GBA games that really grabbed me aside from the Pokemon titles that I can remember.