The Swiss and the Swedes Get Their Own NHL 11

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Chicago's Jonathan Toews is the global cover athlete for NHL 11 but EA Sports shows some love for other nations, putting Henrik and Daniel Sedin on the cover for the game sold in Sweden, and Mark Streit for Switzerland's version.

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MrNose - RIP Chicken

The Sedin cover would go over better in... Everywhere but Chicago.

Sedin is a more popular player, and he just won the Hart Trophy. What was EA thinking?

If the idea was "A Canadian will attract more Canadian-consumers than a person playing for a Canadian team, and Canadians buy a shit ton of this game," I disagree with this reasoning.

The Sedins are really popular in Vancouver, and in Canada as a whole. Heck, they've donated millions to Vancouver's children's hospital. They would do much better on the cover than Toews, unless Toews was actually wearing a Team Canada jersey.

...But hey, its not like the developers of NHL 11 should know that. They don't, you know, live in Vancouver or anything.