The studio behind Dark Matter, criticized by many as an incomplete game released on Steam earlier this week, has given a statement on the matter. While "it is simply not true that the game is unfinished," InterWave Studios acknowledged its ending "may cause confusion and is not satisfactory." They're working on a fix.


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nate venture

"It's not an unfinished game, but we didn't make everything we wanted, but it's totally finished, but we know it doesn't look or feel finished."

Guys, suck it up and be honest to people. We are very much a community that welcomes honesty and lashes out when companies try to lie and/or treat us like we're morons. The game is blatantly unfinished. All I've done is watch video of the thing, and it's painfully clear you ran out of funding, so you stuck in a text screen to cover for yourselves.

Maybe you had the intention of making some money from sales, and using that to create a "second half" you would give out to everyone. And while that's nice if you intend to finish your game, you still mislead people. The result of which is going to hurt you. People like myself who considered buying your game now have no interest in it; I don't support companies that behave like yours, and I have no interest in paying $15 for a game that just stops after you go through a door. If you had released the game through Early Access, or even simply been upfront that the game isn't finished you'd have more people on your side.

Instead people are mad at you, or at least apathetic about ever playing your game.