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We've mentioned the Russian RTS Stalin vs. Martians, which is set in Siberia circa 1942 and features the Red Army versus ... martians. Kieron Gillen has posted a funny interview with Alexander Shcherbakov, the lead creator, over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun, which features tantalizing hints at future projects (A game featuring Lenin? A winter add-on pack for Stalin vs. Martians?), as well as some generally gaming related chatter:

Still I open up the reviews section in the gaming magazine, check the latest releases and most of the time feel that I just don't understand who's buying all this crap. Make me say "Wow!" or go to hell. Perhaps I'm just tired of gaming. Strange enough, but most of my favorite titles are not katamaris and patapons. It's more like, Civilizations, Street Fighters, one or two odd Game Gear titles like Defenders of Oasis, Tetris (I had to say that for patriotic reasons) and Shenmue. Actually, Shenmue is my weak spot, I speak about "original concepts", but deep inside my heart I want to make a couple of Shenmue clones. And I will. The story will be unique though. You know, I'll run a random word generator and get something like: Lenin, vampires, steam robots. Sounds good enough.

Worth a read through — Shenmue meets Lenin, I can't wait.

RPS Vs. Russians: The Stalin Vs. Martians Interview [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

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I think more devs need a Russian sense of humour:

"RPS: You find yourself at GDC in San Francisco, making an key note speech to the assembled intelligentsia of videogames. What do you tell all these developers?

Alexander: I think of specialist conferences as of mostly boring events where different companies play cock-measuring games. So if get to the stage, the only reasonable option is to show mine. The audience will laugh, since I don't have the size that can impress anyone. Perhaps I will beak down and cry then.

No, I don't wanna go to GDC."

hilarious read. They deny they were drunk when they came up with the concept, but it sure sounds like they were totally soused in this interview.