The Spider-Man musical delivers 8-legged chorus girls...and Carnage!

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Annie Leibovitz used the cast of the new Spider-Man musical for a Vogue fashion shoot. Take a closer look at the $60 million musical. Fingers crossed for a Carnage solo where he writes on the walls with his own blood.


Here's a collection of images from the Vogue fashion shoot, which revealed the villain Swiss Miss's costume, along with Carnage's movement clothes.

We wonder how they're going to make Carnage's appendages mutate — or seriously, why he was included at all. With all that director Julie Taymor has going on, we're surprised that Carnage is even in this. Don't get us wrong, Taymor's Lion King was a visual wonder, but from the sound of the Vogue article, Taymor is juggling a lot more this time around. Here's just a tiny taste of what's happening on stage at the Spider-Man musical.


-There's a chorus of "arachno-girls" who all require 8 stiletto heels (presumably because the arachno-ladies are mutant spider women with 8 legs). Nuts, but hey, it's a musical, you have to take advantage of the Chorus Line perks.

-Taymor is utilizing shadow puppets to depict the death of Uncle Ben. Which makes us think that no one is going to die on stage who isn't a giant green villain, so why have Carnage again?

- Taymor also has giant LED screens that will "project mutant project mutant ne'er-do-wells wreaking havoc on world capitals."

- The orchestra pit and the proscenium has been removed all together to sell more tickets bring the audience in closer to the action.


- "In one sequence, the fisticuffs between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin atop the Chrysler Building lead to Spidey's jumping off the ledge-and suddenly the scenery shifts to a forced perspective that makes us feel as if we are staring down the side of a skyscraper into the street. Next thing we know, Spider-Man and the Goblin are whizzing through the air over our heads, locked in mortal combat, landing on a platform attached to the first balcony." Ok, that sounds awesome.

We really want this musical to do well, but we can't help but get overwhelmed just by reading little tidbits from the production. Plus there's that whole issue of the music being a horrible disaster. Hopefully all the issues will be smoothed out when the whole thing premieres in January of 2011.


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Spiderman MUSICAL?

Anyone care give us out the details on this?