The South Park Mobile Game Warns You About Its Own Microtransactions

In the spirit of the disclaimer that runs before every episode of the long-running TV show, South Park: Phone Destroyer opens with a special message about microtransactions.

Phone Destroyer, now out on iOS and Android, is a card-based combat game in which players summon South Park characters. Ubisoft’s free-to-play, microtransaction-based game launches with a warning about free-to-play, microtransaction-based games.


Like the show’s disclaimer, which states that “due to its content it should not be viewed by anyone,” it’s self-deprecating and tongue-in-cheek. The game proper pushes plenty of premium currency, with powerful rare and epic cards on offer for those willing to reach into their virtual wallets for real money.

South Park is responsible for one of the most spot-on skewering of the free-to-play mobile game market ever, season 18 episode “Freemium Isn’t Free.” I’ve not played enough of the game to know if that’s ironic or not, but with a focus on player-versus-player combat and rare cards that seem much more powerful than common ones, I’m leaning towards yes.


In case you never saw the freemium game episode, here’s a little taste:

Don’t worry, it’s all just a lot of harmless fun!

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