South Park Craps All Over Free-To-Play Games

Last night's episode of South Park was an ode to all things freemium, and as you might expect from the longrunning comedy show, they went in hard on the unethical free-to-play menace that has been plaguing video games for the past few years.


I won't spoil much about the episode—which you can watch here starting Thursday if you're in a supported region—other than to say that they nailed it. Anyone who has fallen thrall to the likes of Farmville or EA's Dungeon Keeper will feel their thumbs twitching. Also, there are demons.

We've got clips, of course. Here's South Park's explanation of what "freemium"—the "mium" is Latin for "not really"—actually means:

And here, from later in the episode, is South Park's explanation of what freemium ACTUALLY means:

"Don't think about that! Think about all the money!" Sound familiar?


Carl On Duty

Team Fortress 2 is the perfect example of what a freemium game should be, if it's not TF2 quality, forget about it.

Let me explain.

It's a solid as they come, mechanics wise.

The standard fare weapons and gear are no less powerful then the weapons and gear that you can buy in the store, sure a few tweaks here and there but nothing game breaking for those who don't buy DLC.

What it basically comes down to is....HATS! Who has the freshest, most illest gear!

When you play a F2p game look at their store. does it have op weapons and gear that you can only get in the store?! You should probably stop right there and uninstall.

I will BUY hats all day long but what I won't do is buy my SKILL.