In Japanese supermarkets, it's not uncommon to see Pokémon branded food. Usually, it's regular food, but with a Pocket Monster label slapped on it. There's one Pokémon food, however, that currently stands out. And boy, it stinks.

This is Pok√©mon branded nattou. Nattou (ÁīćŤĪÜ) is made from fermented beans. It's a slimy food that, if you are not careful, can make quite a gooey, stringy mess.

Foreigners often say they hate nattou‚ÄĒthat it's too slimy and smells like feet. Not all people in Japan like it, either. The stereotype is that people in the Kansai region (Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto) do not like nattou, either.

That's not entirely true, nor is it true that foreigners don't eat nattou. I like nattou! My kids, who are from Kansai, like nattou. Nattou is good.

So how did the Pokémon branded Mizkan nattou taste? Like regular Mizkan nattou, which tastes just fine. Though, if you are a regular nattou eater (mmm, protein!), you'll already know that Mizkan doesn't package its nattou with mustard. And mustard and nattou are de-licious.


If you've never tried nattou, and you get the chance, it's worth eating. Nattou is very healthy and even prevents things like blood clots. Even though it smells, there are brands that sell nattou that doesn't smell like dirty socks. Rather, as much like dirty socks.

And this nattou is covered in Pokémon, so there you go.

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