The Skirmish Modes of Battlestations: Pacific

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Battlestations: Pacific is a very fan-driven project.

The developers went through all of the forums for Battlestations: Midway and got all of the fan feedback for this sequel, said Alastair Cornish, a designer at Eidos.


"We have a very vocal, articulate group of fans," he said. "We were able to take into account most fan feedback. THat ranges from smaller things like the inclusion of a cockpit view, which fans really wanted, to larger things like skirmish mode. And everything in between."

In Pacific's skirmish mode, players can access the multiplayer maps for singleplayer gaming.

Gamers will have five different modes to choose from, each with eight scenarios.

In Escort players have to protect or attack a unit or squadron. In Siege, players assist a landing operation or a fleet defense. In Competitive, players try to achieve the highest score by attacking hostile units. Duel is essentially a unit-specific deathmatch. And Island Capture has players fighting for control of a large area with different bases and outposts.

And all of the skirmish modes mirror the mulitplayer functions, Cornish said. so you can turn on or off AI bots, you can chance the difficulty settings for each. You can tweak the weather.

Cornish said you can even set it up so that a team of players take on an AI-controlled team.


I loved the first game so much, but it had obvious shortcomings that devs seem to have answered, namely having a skirmish mode. I hope AI takes over for qitting MP players, that killed the game for me in the end.

I've never played a game that meshed action and strategy so well, save for Battalion Wars 2 on the wii, that game was tons of fun too.