The Signal from Tolva Is Basically Far Cry With Robots

The Signal from Tolva is an open world exploration game all about commanding robot buddies and scavenging on a distant planet. It’s pretty rad. We sat down to play alongside designer Jim Rossignol to learn more about the game and blow up bots.

This piece originally appeared 3/17/17. We’re bumping it today because The Signal From Tolva is out for PC.

Exploring a picturesque but hostile planet, players gather scrap materials, capture bases, and slowly uncover ancient secrets. The world is full of dangerous robot factions to play off one another. Thankfully, you also have some very punchy guns and the ability to command your own squad of robots.


In practice, the game feels like Far Cry. You’ll move from location to location, surveying what you can and plotting out your assault on the enemy. It’s a fun time and Jim guides us along the way to tells us all about the design.

The game is planned for an April release on PC and Mac. For now, you can enjoy the sights and sounds in this video.

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Far Cry...with robots... Wasn’t that the stump argument for why Horizon Zero Dawn was bad?

Looks interesting to me though! The art style makes me think of Firewatch, but less interesting. Lack of tree life and such.