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The Sights and Highlights of Halo Fest: Halo 4, Halo: Anniversary, The Duke, and More

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sure, PAX 2011 is taking place in Seattle right now, but let's not forget that right across the street is Halo Fest. This expo celebrates the game's 10th anniversary with a look to the future (Halo 4) a nod to the past (Halo: Anniversary), and all sorts of stuff in between. And The Duke. Who could forget The Duke? It and Halo: CE go together like Starsky & Hutch. Here's everything we've seen from Halo Fest.

Halo: Anniversary Deftly Repaints Gaming History

Confession: I wasn't all that excited about the E3 announcement of Halo: Anniversary. I think it was some combination of remake-fatigue, the fact that Tomb Raider had already snagged the Anniversary title for their remake… all that top of the fact that the grand Halo Reach went so far beyond the original that an up-res'd remake seemed like a step backwards.More »



There Are Halo 4 Teases on this Wall

There is so much Halo stuff at the big Halofest event this weekend at the Penny Arcade Expo that it would be easy to miss the final massive panel on the rear of a wall that commemorates the release and achievements of each Halo game. More »


The Halo 4 Warthog Will Debut in Forza 4, But You Can't Drive It

One of the biggest surprises of this weekend's Halofest celebration of all things Halo here in Seattle is the news that Halo 4's Warthog will make its interactive debut this year, in a non-Halo game. More »


The Classic Magnum Returns in an Upcoming Halo: Reach Title Update

At PAX's Halo-fest, 343 Industries detailed a coming title update for Halo: Reach, slated for release sometime in October. The title update will balance several of the suit abilities, changing Armor Lock's damage absorption to be based on the amount of energy a player has remaining. More »

These Massive Original Xbox Controllers Were Transformed into Xbox 360 Controllers, for Halo

As promised, Microsoft's Halo team is bringing Duke to their big Halofest celebration this weekend-that is, the massive Duke controller that originally sold with the original Xbox. More »



Look What They're Selling in the Halo Store and Who's Helping to Sell It

In the middle of Halofest here in Seattle there stands a Halo. They call it the Halo Commissary, and, well, look who shows up to sell us on all these Halo goods. More »


The Sights, Sounds and Costumed Brute of Halofest

We got into Halofest a day early for a press preview event and tried to soak in all the Halo that we could. There was a lot! As you can see in this gallery of photos and videos. More »