There Are Halo 4 Teases on this Wall

There is so much Halo stuff at the big Halofest event this weekend at the Penny Arcade Expo that it would be easy to miss the final massive panel on the rear of a wall that commemorates the release and achievements of each Halo game.


But if you find that last panel, back in a dark corner, you'll find some Halo 4 concept art, a few blurbs about the game and the trailer that announced the thing in June. You won't get concrete details, but if you want some hints at what next year's Halo is about, this is your spot.

Or just skip Halofest and watch our video of the wall right here. We find this stuff for you, folks, with smiles on our faces. There will be a Halo 4 panel at PAX on Sunday. We'll be there.


(Note: Apologies for the background noise in this video. I"m not sure what caused it... maybe a swarm of bees? Who doesn't love bees?)

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The more I see of Halo 4 the more I think it's going to be set on Onyx. It has been stated the books are canon (mostly) and there was never any resolution to what happened on Onyx. I'm not a Halo fan nor do I own nor have I ever owned an X-Box, I just got interested in the lore behind the games and read the books. Ghosts of Onyx was my favorite and based on descriptions in the book against what was shown and the little descriptions under the art here I'm willing to bet the game is set on Onyx, continuing the story as it happened there.