The Sexy Wipeout 2048 Into Drives Us Through the Past, Present, and Near-Future of High Speed Racing

How do we get from today's F-1 racers to the gravity-defying hover cars of Wipeout 2048 in a mere 36 years? Sony Liverpool details this mechanical evolution in the intro video for the upcoming PlayStation Vita launch title.


In case the intro video isn't communicating clearly enough for you, we've also got the same video with commentary by game director Graeme Ankers and art director Lee Carus, pointing out the little things you might have missed and slowing things down a bit so the cool bits don't pass you by.

Past Wipeout titles have focused on making the environments these high-tech vehicles were racing in as futuristic and otherworldly as possible. With less than four decades between today and the fictional setting of Wipeout 2048, we're getting a fascinating look at how the future of racing transforms the cities of today.


Step Into The World Of WipEout 2048 [Playstation Blog Europe]

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I miss you on the PS3, Wipeout.