The Saboteur is "Feckin' Hard"

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The Saboteur might be in France, but its maximum-strength difficulty is all Irish, reflecting the nationality of its protagonist. Although - help me out here, United Kingdomians, I thought "fookin'" would be the onomatopoeic for the Emerald Isle's f-word adjectival.


Anyway, you can see that the bastard-ass difficulty is "feckin' hard" according to that screenshot. You know, if instead of the Paris resistance this game was about Rome's, I'd hope the insane strength would be called "fargin' hard."

The Saboteur - Pandemic's fallen-from-a-dead-man's-hand grenade - drops Dec. 8.

The Saboteur has a "'Feckin' Hard" Setting [VG247]


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Oh God, I can't play this game. Why can't people get anything 'Irish' in games or movies right? 'Feckin' Hard' just sounds unbelievably dorky if you've heard people use that word in actual conversation. I don't even want to think about what the in-game dialogue might be like.