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It's hard to tell at first glance which takes are live action and which are MLB 10 The Show gameplay, which I'm sure is the point of the game's official launch trailer.


Also, if I may brag, my 20-year-old lefthanded pitcher in Road to the Show made the majors yesterday after two years in the minors. I pitched every one of those games, nothing was simulated. I was so proud I damn near cried.

The Nationals wasted my debut (a 1-0 loss to the Mets) but I then vowed to f*** up the Braves in my next start. And I did. Javier Vazquez (still a Brave in 2011, apparently), hit me when I came to bat in the fifth inning. Vazquez was first up in the bottom of the fifth, but I fanned him looking, put a guy on intentionally and then drilled Chipper Jones in the back. Everyone got warned, I still got out of the inning and finished with an eight hit, 1-0 shutout.


We're still a bad team, but we're united.

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