I'm not a fit guy, partly because I eat like crap and drink like a carp. But I go to the gym, if only to burn off the bad calories. And January is the worst month for going.

We're on Jan. 21, which means another three weeks, at least of "The Resolutions" monopolizing the cardio equipment before they give up. It's not a bogus trend, the parking lot at mine is absolutely jampacked during the hour I normally go, and that's about 10 a.m.

Folks who've decided to hit the gym as a New Year's promise aren't as likely to go to the free weights. Then again, neither am I. But In December I could go to my gym and have my pick of the equipment. For the past three days I've been using a treadmill in bad need of a belt waxing, with a display programmed in Spanish.

Anyway, talk about your New Year's Resolutions, and those who are keeping you from completing them, while you consider these topics.