Illustration for article titled The emRecord of Agarest War 2/em Limited Edition Comes With an Inflatable Doll. And a Hand Towel

The series I'm convinced people only buy for its bizarre limited edition contents returns to North America on June 26, bringing with it more justification for my theory.


Pixelated to protect her anime-innocence, the inflatable Felenne doll packed inside every copy of the Record of Agarest War 2 limited edition for the PlayStation 3 gives fans the kitty girl they've always wanted. What they do with it is completely up to them, but there is an exclusive hand towel at the ready to clean... hands, I guess. It even says "a wonderful towel experience" on it, so you know every cleansing moment will be a complete joy.


As for the game itself, the latest entry in the series boasts a revamped combat system and, of course, PlayStation Move-compatible shiatsu, massage and bathing mini-games.

Okay, so there's no way I can buy this without looking like a complete pervert. Perhaps Asksys can drop me a copy in a plain brown wrapper.

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