The art on Magic: The Gathering cards is some of the best you'll see on the planet. No, seriously, over the last few years it's gotten really good.

It's a shame about the rest of the packaging, then, which has changed little from its ultra-dorky, 1990s roots.

If only it could look as classy as this. Or, hey, maybe it won't need to if this game actually turns out OK.

Those gorgeous cards up top - with art courtesy of Victor Maury - belong to Heroe's Tale, a game currently up on Kickstarter that draws equally from the worlds of tabletop RPG gaming and card games.


The video below shows you how to play. Basically, it's a card game that also uses a 20-sided die.

As with any game like this, it's hard knowing how good it'll actually be until you actually play with other breathing humans, but at least it looks nice.


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