EA Sports head Peter Moore is not a man to mince words. That's why we loved him so when he was at Microsoft, he cuts through the BS and gets straight to the point.


In a recent post on his blog over at It's In The Game, Moore talked up his new studio alluding that EA Sports is primed to have one of the best years in its history. In particular Moore sings the praises of NASCAR, NBA LIVE, Madden and NCAA Football. He's so sure that this season is going to be unrivaled, in fact, that he's promising to get a new tattoo if they don't deliver.

Big talk Moore, but lets put a little reality into this pie-in-the-sky promise. Why not say that if you don't have an overall Metacritic increase (yes I hate review scores) on all four of those games you've failed to deliver and it's time to ink up? We've even found this swell logo for your possible future use. Let us know.

Not Resting on our Laurels [Peter Moore's Official Blog]

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