Is EA Sports ever satisfied? No. Never. Just ask EA Sports exec Peter Moore. Peter is EA Sports ever satisfied? Over on the cleverly titled Peter Moore Blog, Peter Moore writes:

We’re never satisfied. There’s always more we can do. It’s what we love about our business. I hate to sound like a cheerleader, but the facts are the facts. And I don’t expect them to change any time soon. We’re hitting this season in terms of quality and innovation stronger than we ever have at EA SPORTS. If I’m wrong, you’ll see me sporting a new tattoo - maybe a competitor’s logo?


No, no more tattoos. Please, Peter. Elsewhere in his corporate locker room peptalk, Moore talks about the bright future FIFA and NHL have and hints at a new "groundbreaking feature" for NBA LIVE to be announced at E3.

Not Resting [Peter Moore Blog via videogaming247]

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