The People Who Make Rock Band Are Working On A Real-Time Combat Game

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Musical combat? Combat musical? Rock Band: Combat? Combat: The Beatles?

Harmonix, the company behind games like Dance Central and the upcoming Rock Band Blitz, is looking for a Combat Designer "to create real-time, single-player combat experiences for a brand new IP on next-generation hardware," according to a job ad posted on Gamasutra last week.


"This is an exciting opportunity to contribute creatively to the studio and work on a project that is unlike anything Harmonix has ever done before," the listing reads.

I pinged Harmonix's lovely John Drake to ask about this game (and whether or not it will feature Carly Rae Jepsen). He sent over the following statement:

In addition to finishing development on Rock Band Blitz and Dance Central 3, Harmonix is actively developing multiple new IPs on next generation hardware. We're looking for the best and most experienced devs out there to join us.

tl;dr Harmonix is making new kickass IPs, some portion of which may have some combat.


New IPs. Sadly, that means no Call of Rock Band. Or Rock Band Duty. Or Medal of Rock Band. Or Spec Rock Bands. Or BioRock Band.

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Warchief Zuljin

I'm done with Harmonix until they release Rock Band 4 or at least support the brand new controllers they released with Rock Band 3 by including them in a new game. Instead Blitz just spits in our faces and uses a standard controller, while Dance Central is a copy of Guitar Hero, a new one every single year (and yet no one complains, hypocrites much?) and doesn't use any controllers at all.