An Open Letter To The Creators Of Rock Band

Dear Harmonix,

I do not ask for the stars, nor for the moon. I ask only for Call Me Maybe to be included in Rock Band.

Perhaps you've never considered putting this wonderful melody in your music games. Perhaps you've never even listened to it. I stand here today asking—nay, begging you to reconsider.

Carly Rae Jepsen's stunning, hauntingly beautiful ballad deserves to be chanted from every rooftop, belted in every living room. It deserves to be sung, tapped, and drummed with the type of sensual ferocity that only songs like this can inspire. It deserves to be recognized by companies like you, Harmonix, for all of the good it has done and will continue to do for humankind.


I don't often use the word "genius," but I believe that Jepsen, 26, has earned that label and many more. I don't often use the phrase "deserves to win a Nobel Prize," but I think there are few phrases more fitting. Other than "should be in Rock Band."

Call Me Maybe is a tour de force, a triumphant declaration that all is right in the world. It is a sign that despite all the war, despite all the poverty, despite all the suffering our people have to live through on a day to day basis, there is a shining ray of light. A shining ray of light in the form of a song. A song called Call Me Maybe.

No matter how unimaginable our crimes can be, no matter how many disgusting and hideous things we watch human beings do to one another, we can all find solace in the fact that now and forever, there will always be Call Me Maybe.

And it deserves to be in Rock Band.

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Luke Plunkett

An Open Letter to Jason.

Who gives a shit.

This turned up yesterday.