Despite how silly it looks, the Pac-Man animated series broadcast on ABC in the early 1980s was a modest success. It lasted only two seasons, but that can partly be attributed to the crash of home console video gaming taking the subject off people's minds.

What's crazy to me is that it was an animated adaptation of a video game that was later adapted back into its own video game (Pac-Land). And Ms. Pac-Man's first name was Pepper. And the ghosts were apparently bossed around by Darth Malgus.


Anyway, the entire first season is coming to DVD and will release on March 1. You get 13 episodes (which each had three cartoons.) Yes, this means you can watch classics of American television such as "Pacula," "Presidential Pac-Man," "Southpaw Packy," and "The Bionic Pac-Woman." The DVD set is $35.99 and can be preordered on Amazon.

Pac-Man and Dragon's Lair cartoons finally come to DVD [Examiner]

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