The Overwatch Equivalent Of Liking Your Own Facebook Post

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There’s nothing more frustrating than being called out in Overwatch’s post-match results screen and having nobody give a thumbs up. When that happens, I resort to extreme measures: I give myself a thumbs up.



There are two different ways that Overwatch tries to make players feel cool when the match is over, win or lose. There’s the play of the game highlights, which you’re probably already aware of, even if you don’t play.


But there’s also this:

Image Credit: Game Watcher
Image Credit: Game Watcher

The game plucks a few ways players contributed to the match before the next one gets underway, and each player is allowed to “like” one of them. It’s Overwatch’s clever way of celebrating players, even in defeat.

I don’t make it there often, and it sucks when no one votes for me when I do! Does everyone really need to congratulate another person using Reaper’s ultimate to sweep a cluster of defensive players??


So I take matters into my own hands and vote for who really counts. Is that the equivalent of liking your own Facebook post? Maybe. But if you realized how great I was, we wouldn’t have this problem in the first place.

(While I think it’s neat that Blizzard allows this, it would be very funny if Blizzard eventually found a way to poke fun at people who do this.)

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I vote for healers. Always. Even healers in the other team.