The Outer Worlds Gets A Bigger Text Mode

Screenshot: Kotaku (The Outer Worlds)

The Outer Worlds received an all important new feature in today’s patch: a bigger text mode. Finally, no more squinting at my TV from six feet away.

The option to shift to the larger print can be found in the settings menu. There’s no slider so you can only toggle it on or off, but it’s a huge improvement. Sometimes I skip dialogue in The Outer Worlds because I just want to get to the quest, but more often than not it’s because my eyes are just extremely tired. The improvement is especially noticeable when it comes to reading messages in computer terminals.

The standard text size.
Screenshot: Kotaku (The Outer Worlds)
The bigger text size.
Screenshot: Kotaku (The Outer Worlds)

The Outer Worlds is only the latest in a long list of games whose text is way too small. Hopefully developers are taking note of how much people want to read all of the beautiful words they put in their games and start adding these options in before games ship.

The patch also buffed the foliage on Xbox One.“Foliage on the Xbox One now has parity with the foliage on PlayStation 4,” reads the note from Obsidian. I’ve been playing on Xbox One and while less noticeable, the fauna is a bit crisper. Take that console war.

Look at those alien plants shimmer!
Screenshot: Kotaku (The Outer Worlds)

The rest of the changes are mostly bug related. For example, companion quests will no longer sometimes fail when that companion dies in battle. While I’ve never experienced that bug myself, it’s nice to know since I pretty much treat all of my space colony buds like meat shields.

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