The Text In Fire Emblem: Three Houses Is Too Damn Small

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses has some of the most rewarding tactics action and Hogwarts-simulating that you can get. There aren’t many flaws in the game, but there is something that badly needs to be fixed: For a game focused on navigating menus, that text size sure is tiny.


Text size in modern games has been a point of contention ever since 2006’s zombie-smasher Dead Rising had the smallest subtitles in the history of the world. Since then, text size has continued to be an issue in major games. Sure, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the best games of all time, but the text is so small. OK, God of War might be visually lush and make you actually give a damn about Kratos, but the text is tiny, and even a patch didn’t really fix it. Fire Emblem: Three Houses joins the ranks of “Extremely Good Games With Tiny Text,” thanks in part to pop-up menu screens with incredibly small writing in the box. Collect an item, have a successful tea time, fulfill a battle condition? Enjoy your tiny box of tiny text.

I’m sorry, I did *what?*
I’m sorry, I did *what?*

If I’m being honest, the text size doesn’t completely bother me when the game is docked. On a big screen, everything’s fine. The issues come in handheld mode, where screen real estate is even more precious and small things are already made smaller. Tactics on the go? Fabulous. Tiny notifications that the enemy dropped a Dark Seal? Not so much.

Hopefully a patch can address this matter. People with all different kinds of needs are playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses. A patch to allow variable text size could make things easier for plenty of people and make taking your Switch on a commute a bit more justifiable. 

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They also need to fix the input delay that sometimes pops up. I’ll hit a button and it won’t do anything at all, and sometimes I’ll hit it and it takes a couple seconds to actually work. Would be nice if the animations in conversations actually touched the models too, I see a lot of hands just hovering near the body, but not actually on it like they should be.

I’ve got a lot of nitpicks that I’d love to see fixed, either in a patch or the next Fire Emblem game. But overall I am really loving the game.