The Original Xbox Live...LIVES! (For Now, At Least)

Illustration for article titled The Original Xbox Live...LIVES! (For Now, At Least)

The original Xbox Live service was supposed to have been shut down at midnight. But midnight has now passed, and the people playing Halo 2 online in anticipation of its demise are...still playing Halo 2.


We don't yet know whether this is a last-minute hiccup or whether Bungie and Microsoft have made a deal with the devil, but it's happening, Giant Bomb's countdown to midnight transforming overnight from a deathbed vigil to an online miracle. Of sorts.

We'll update when we hear what's actually going on, but if Halo 2 players have any hope left in you that there was some way around the impending shut down, now's a good time to squeeze it out.




ya, it said it would be taken offline the "15th of april" I don't know about you but to me that means it will be on THROUGH the 15th. I can only imagine that these countdown clocks are the reason everyone assumed it would be taken down last night. I for one jumped on for a couple hours and was reminded as to why I stopped playing it in the first place.