Today, The Original Xbox Live Dies

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It's April 14. If you own an old Xbox and play online with it, or still play original Xbox games on Xbox Live via your 360, you should know this is the last day you'll ever be able to do so.


As Microsoft promised earlier in the year, at midnight tonight the plug will be pulled on the world's first truly successful online gaming service for consoles, which first set up shop on the original Xbox all the way back in 2002.

While Xbox Live itself will obviously live on for the Xbox 360, the games that got the service its start - those for the original Xbox - will tomorrow no longer be supported, nor will online play via the original Xbox console.

The move paves the way for a brighter future for the Xbox 360, one where friends lists aren't capped at 100 people, but the celebrations for the future will be marred by tears for the dearly departed, as today we bid farewell to clasic multiplayer titles like Battlefront 2, Crimson Skies and of course the original online juggernaut, Halo 2 (though with its singleplayer campaign it's at least still useful).

Will any of you be marking the occasion with one last game, for old time's sake? I might dust off Halo and Battlefront, send them off in style.




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