The Nier: Automata Demo Lets Players Kill Themselves By Unequipping An Item

Illustration for article titled The iNier: Automata/i Demo Lets Players Kill Themselves By Unequipping An Itemem/em

The demo for Nier: Automata released last week. Playing as a super fashionable android, players slice and dice their way through waves of robot enemies. But un-equipping one essential item gives an instant game over.


The item in question is the OS Chip. In Nier: Automata, players can equip various skill chips to enable or disable certain parts of the user interface. But the OS Chip is different. It gives a warning to players in the items description

“An android’s central system,” the menu reads. “Removal means death.”


Reckless players can still remove the chip, tearing the operating system from their android. The result is what you’d expect: a swift fade to black and a return to the title screen.

Game director Yoko Taro is renowned for playful interfaces and meta-textual quirks. This is just another on a list that includes sudden gameplay changes and memory card fuckery.

It’s unclear if this will carry over into the main game but for now, if you ever wanted to commit menu based seppuku, now’s your chance!

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How about a Kotaku list of games with optional suicide? Should get some clicks right? I can only think of SWAT 2, playing as a terrorist.