The Next Tomb Raider Journeys into Uncharted Territory

Tomb Raider's reboot will offer its first downloadable content extension to the Xbox 360 as a timed exclusive, the game's developer said on the stage of Microsoft's E3 news conference. A long gameplay sequence from late in the game also was shown.


Breathtaking action is the obvious goal here, as we saw Lara Croft thin out a gang of machine-gun packing guns using a bow, flaming arrows, and one well-timed shotgun blast to a stack of barrels. She then went over a waterfall, survived a trip through its rapids (featuring some bullet-time reactions to clear obstacles), wound up in a downed airplane and survived another plunge—barely—by barely getting a parachute on in time.

The game will release in March 2013.

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Gamers are seriously the most self-entitled, impossible to please group of people. As someone who has played Tomb Raider religiously since TR2, every game post revelations has been pretty much fodder. I still played them and enjoyed them for what they were, but for the most part they were pretty subpar games. Now the game gets a serious makeover, (perhaps the biggest makeover the series has ever gotten in like 15 years) they take the game in a different direction and all everyone can do is bitch. Seriously it seems like everyone either

A. Bitches that it's the same game over and over again or

B. Bitches that they changed it too much.

This reminds me of when the internet went to war with EA to get them to change the ME3 ending, and then when they decided to change it (or add to it, whatever their decision was) people get up in arms about them caving and changing their game. Seriously gaming community, you guys are a bunch of assholes.