The Next Red Dead Online Update Might Include Zombies

Dataminers have been digging into the files of Red Dead Online and have discovered 50 new character models that appear to be zombies. Other discoveries include new creepy music, a Halloween Outlaw Pass, and spooky cosmetics.


As seen in a video posted yesterday by YouTube channel and dataminer Red Dead Guides, it appears zombie models are buried within Red Dead Online’s files. Currently, these undead models are unused in the game and in the files are referred to as “Army of Fear” models.

There is possible evidence that these potential zombies might be connected to an upcoming Halloween event. Back in July, another dataminer claimed to have discovered new, unused music in RDO. These new sound files contained the word “Fear.” Some files also use the letters “FOA” which could be Fear of... something starting with the letter A. Or it’s connected to these Army Of Fear models.

So both these new models and the new music seem connected in some way. Interestingly, the last Halloween event in Red Dead Online also used the word fear in its name. And in GTA Online, Rockstar uses the same “Halloween Surprise” name for each year’s spooky update. So it’s very likely that Rockstar might be doing the same for RDO’s annual spooky event, using fear each year.

Kotaku has contacted Rockstar about these new zombie models and Halloween-related files.

Beyond new zombie models and music, various dataminers have found loads of files and images about a possible Halloween-themed Outlaw Pass. According to dataminers, the pass will be smaller than normal Outlaw Passes, with only 20 levels. The premium version of the pass will cost 15 gold bars and the rewards players will unlock seem to have leaked online too, for those who are curious.


All of this seems to clearly point towards a sizeable Halloween update coming in the near future. Will this new update finally give players the zombie-killing action they have longed for since Red Dead Online went live back in 2018? Possibly.


Remember, while these leaks appear real and the evidence seems to point towards a big Halloween event involving zombies, none of this is officially confirmed by Rockstar.

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