An elegant weapon for a more civilized age

Launched today on Steam, Star Wars: Trials of Tatooine is a very small taste of what official virtual reality lightsaber swinging might feel like.

Note that I say swinging, and not combat. In the six or so minutes it took me to play through the entire experience (a full seven minutes without skipping the opening crawl), I got to hold one of Star Warsā€™ iconic Jedi weapons. I deflected blaster bolts from eerily accurate Stormtroopers for all of a minute. It was nice.

The rest of Trials on Tatooine involves looking around, pressing a few buttons andā€”if you have timeā€”creating some rock art. You can watch my entire playthrough below. Mind the sound, Iā€™m still learning how to stay micā€™d up while moving about in VR.

Overall, not too exciting. There are other VR games out there that portray accurate sword movements. Thereā€™s even Lightblade, a lovely little bite-sized Steam release thatā€™s more of a game than this is.


Trials on Tatooine is now available on Steam for nothing.