[Image via Hayabusa]

This November, a brand new Pokémon anime series debuts. So far, it seems silly.

Dubbed Pokémon Sun and Moon (clever!), the anime follows Ash’s adventures in school. This is, it seems, the first time we’ve gotten a series based around the character’s school life.

According to this Japanese magazine leak, the show is going to be gag heavy.

The text calls it a “gag festival.”

There have been silly bits in Pokémon anime before, but this appears to be turning up the goofy dial. I can’t help but wonder if this the influence of Yokai Watch, which is often tongue in cheek.


What’s really interesting is how Ash is cooler than he’s ever been in the current season. But in the Sun and Moon anime, he looks different!

Online in Japan, people have been uploading meme-type images to show how striking the contrast is.


[Image via 2ch] The inevitable Reaction Guys image. The top Ash appears in the current series, while the second one will appear in the Sun and Moon anime.
[Image via 2ch] And a reworking of that meme.
[Image via 2ch] The top text reads, “A kid,” the text below that says, “Someone you yearn for,” and the bottom one is just an ellipsis.



Gags or not, Ash is still a giant loser.

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