The New Great Gatsby Video Game Does Not Disappoint

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Last year, we shared in the disappointment that a video game based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby turned out to be not so great. This year, we're enjoying a new, 8-bit take on one of the greatest novels of the 20th century.


According to the site hosting The Great Gatsby, an NES-like side-scrolling adventure, its lifted from an unreleased cartridge a port of "Doki Doki Toshokan: Gatsby no Monogatari." Sure, we'll play along! There's a great scan of the game's manual and a long-lost ad for the Nintendo Entertainment System-era classic.

Try your hand at The Great Gatsby, a rare literary classic turned old-school video game adventure.

Great Gatsby Game [Official Site]



Most hated book for me in high school, it was just awful yet everyone else in my class liked it. Just couldn't connect to anyone and they all complained about something.

At least in Catcher in the Rye, Holden bitched about everything in a funny way.