F. Scott Fitzgerald's wife may have given video games the name of one of the medium's best franchises, but what did F. Scott ever give us gamers? The Great Gatsby game? Apparently, it's not good, though that's not his fault.

Here is blogger Jennifer Wright, crushed because of The Great Gatsby video game:

When I heard there was a Great Gatsby video game, I couldn't wait to try it out. Super exciting, right!? I wondered if they would have choices like "Play Nick Carraway with homoerotic subtext" or "play Nick Carraway without homoerotic subtext." Obviously, at some point I would get to run over a poor person in my roadster. Maybe we would see what happened when one bad driver met another bad driver! Actually, the Great Gatsby would make a great basis for a race car game.

But, alas, it is not that kind of game. It's a "hidden object" game where you find objects in a scene...


She did try it and says it's not very good. Dare you try it too?

There Is A Great Gatsby Video Game (But It's Not That Good) [The Gloss] [PIC]

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