The Nature Of LittleBigPlanet's DLC Was Irrepressible!

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The LittleBigWorkshop forums have done us all a favour and listed the kinds of updates we can expect to see hit LittleBigPlanet over the next month.

There'll be a single item/pack made available every week between now and April 16, starting with a St. Patrick's Day leprechaun on March 12. March 19 sees the arrival of a Killzone pack, including the Sev & Helghast costumes we saw the other week along with some Killzone 2 stickers.


The next week sees a Buzz! tie-in, with Sony's quiz show mascot offered in Sackboy form, while April 2 features the Patapon Sackboy.

On April 9 there'll be a Heavenly Sword pack, featuring Nariko & Kai costumes and stickers, with the content roster rounded out by a Monkey King costume on April 16.

If Monkey King looks strangely familiar to you, click below.

LittleBigPlanet Content Update [March 2009] [LittleBigWorkshop]

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