Ah, LittleBigPlanet. Now you're learning! Cross-promotion is where it's at ("it" being cash money), not peculiar regional holidays. So it's heartening to see new Killzone & Heavenly Sword sackboys on the way.

Just unveiled by Sony, who only say these are "things to come", we can see the previously-seen Helghast Sackboy accompanied by a sack version of Sev, Killzone's "hero". There's also a sackgirl Kai - aka the crazy lady from Heavenly Sword - and a sackboy done up to look like the unimaginably annoying host of Sony's Buzz! trivia series (who from his low-poly appearance may well be from the freshly-announced PSP version).

Also teased by Sony was the Nariko sackgirl we've already seen, meaning that she'll probably be made available to the cash-paying public, and not just pre-ordering customers at Best Buy.


Sack it to Me - The PSP Announcement Edition [PlayStation]