The NASDAQ-100, an index of that exchange's top non-financial companies, is booting out Electronic Arts on Dec. 24.


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I mean, really shouldn't come as a surprise that their Stock Ratings warrant this. Given the horrible PR this year (which they tried to promote as "any press is good press") and the numerous developers and IP's they've run into the ground it's a miracle their Stocks haven't plummeted even more so. They need to back off this mentality of "We need more Facebook Games and Multiplayer!" and give their game makers more freedom to make the games *they* want to make as opposed to sticking an arm up their tooshie and working them like a puppet.

Freedom in game development is the way things were for the longest time and, if memory serves correct, it worked and led to some of the most successful and most beloved games of all time. I know enough about Wall Street "Techno Babble" to understand this isn't really something overly horrendous; still, I'm merely surprised it's not worse for EA right now. If it wasn't for the fact that bad news for the company usually means people loose their jobs I'd applaud any Bad News for EA.