The Mystery of the Stupid Fun Club

Maybe the website for Will Wright's entertainment think tank is just a website. But given that it has three games of sorts hidden on it, I'd like to think there's more to it than that.


I've been messing around with all three for a bit now and am most intrigued by the one you can access by clicking on the black hole where a rectangle should be on the front page. Maybe Wright is just messing with us, but I'd like to think that if we get the order "right" it might reveal something.

Of course the website was created back in 2002, so maybe it's just a bunch of silliness. Afterall, he did have a hand in making this M.Y. Robot video.

Stupid Fun Club



Im pretty sure the one with pictures and the alien in the corner is a puzzle. It definitely has rules to it and the alien reacts to your choices. Theres a lot of feedback if you pay close attention. You can try and make as long of a chain as possible (notice the yellow bars that connect pictures, if you dont have an action between two subjects, then the bar will turn blue). Also sometimes there will be a reaction with the picture that pops up quickly, though Ive only seen hearts fly from the large brown face to something else when the action is a heart