More than a year ago, a call went out across Japan for music and managerial types to put on a Final Fantasy Tactics concert. On November 22, that ambition's being realized live in Tokyo.

The small-ish production will feature an arrangement of 61 songs, performed in medley form. I'm not up on my Tactics soundtrack, but Original Sound Version reports that that's just 10 songs shy of the entire thing. Impressive for a mostly amatuer production.


Original Sound Version goes on to say there will be saxophones (which is weird, but not unwelcome). The banner for the production announces that there will be two shows at Tachikawa City Office in the Amyu- Tachikawa grand hall, Tokyo. So, if you're around, you've got time and a passion for Tactics (which doesn't get a whole lot of love from the Distant Worlds concert), go for it.

Thanks for the tip, Jayson! And thank you, Bash, for helping me read kanji because I suck at it.

Final Fantasy Tactics Concert To Feature Nearly Every Track From The Game [Original Sound Version]
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