In Japan, fast food chain Lotteria had a special store manager last Friday for one terrifying day only: Sadako from The Ring.

At the Lotteria in Tokyo's Ikebukuro neighborhood, Sadako worked the register by popping out, frightening customers, and serving up a special shake created in her likeness. What better way to send a chill down your spine than this?

Photos below are courtesy of My Navi:


The frozen treat, which is "ramune" flavored, has a stringy chocolate topping that is supposed to be reminiscent of Sadako's hair. The shake, which is available for a limited time, is part of the promotion for the character's latest horror film, Sadako 3D 2, which opens in Japan on August 30.

But what happens seven days later after you order the Sadako shake? Dun dun dun.

Like the frozen desert, the movie also appears to be look very blue.

池袋のロッテリアで"貞子"が1日店長に! テレビから飛び出しシェーキを提供 [MyNavi]

Photos: MovieCollectionJp

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