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The Most Fun I've Had With Star Citizen So Far

One day I’ll get a chance to play Star Citizen proper. Until then, the newly-released browser game Hyper Vanguard Force IV will have to do.


Despite the incredibly ambition crowd-funded game from the creator of Wing Commander being everything I’ve ever wanted in a space sim, I’ve not managed a single minute of Star Citizen game time. I had access to the hangar way back when it first came out—just the hangar, mind you, no actual flying about—but my system at the time was experiencing issues and would not load it.

But hey, it loads the hell out of Hyper Vanguard Force IV, which is a pretty cool game in its own right. It’s an old-school scrolling space shooter featuring pixel versions of Star Citizen ships, all trying to blow the player out of the sky. It’s got a between mission (or between death) upgrade system that rewards the persistent with better shields, a reinforced hull and more powerful weapons. I know this because I played for an hour this morning when I was supposed to be doing other things.


Aw look, they even made a PDF manual for it.

Illustration for article titled The Most Fun Ive Had With iStar Citizen /iSo Far

One day I will get to play Star Citizen, and while I’ve no idea what to expect, I do know the developers plan on having minigames as arcade machines in the ship hangar, so at least I’ll always have Hyper Vanguard Force IV to keep me occupied.

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Unreal Student

SC is much more stable now anyway so you can give it run.

I should check this minigame out too.

edit: ok, lol. It’s pretty cool actually. Would have prefered arrows keys, but nice. I know CIG does these mini-games sometimes, but the actual manual and everything is indeed pretty cool.