The Most Expensive Wii U on eBay was Melted Down in a Microwave Oven

"Professional microwaver" Kenny Irwin has performed a day-one (or close to it) nuking of of the Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStation Vita, as well as microwaving an Xbox 360 Elite (remember that model?) in the name of art. So hell yes he was going to melt down a deluxe-edition Wii U on release day, as you get to see here. Take that Will-it-Blend guy!


After hosing the holy bejabbers out of that with a powerwasher, Irwin stuck one of his trademark weirdo eyeballs on it and listed the slag pile on eBay for a hell of a lot more than the current highest asking price for one that actually works. Just $3,490.03! The thing already has three offers.


I'm sorry, what in the hell did I just watch again?


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Creating art, eh? Talk about scamming people. Fuck this guy...selling off useless hardware for 3500$ bucks. I'm surprised that there are people dumb enough to put in offers. Where's the art?! I don't see any art. Even if there is a tiny fraction of what he claims as art, it definitely doesn't go for 3500$ bucks. At least make the console artistic by having it in working order like shell mods, different colors and whatnot. Who in the blue hell would buy and display a non-functioning burned-out piece of hardware proudly?

I can understand the joy of seeing electronics getting smashed and destroyed, as it has been a common trend for quite some time now. I won't call these types of entertainment out even though some may see them as shallow and these people are wasting money. But hey, it's their money and they can do what they want with it.

But selling it off in the name of art is soulless and crosses the line. You don't see the "Will it Blend?" guy selling ashes on eBay. On the contrary, he's smart enough to be entertaining and advertise his Blentec product in the process. If this dude was advertising the microwaves properly, I would understand. Even then, he's a terrible presenter to begin wish.