The Most Convoluted Easter Egg I've Ever Seen

I'm sure there are more complex video game Easter Eggs out there, but this is the most complex one I've ever laid eyes on.

Beyond the joy of killing an endlessly reanimating army of zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops latest zombie map, is a bit of a story and a single challenge.


When you start up the Ascension map, part of the Black Ops First Strike download pack, a voice calls for your help. But many of us are perhaps too busy slaying zombies to give it any mind. Not the guys at though.

In this nearly 14 minute video they walk you through the myriad of steps, convulsions and seeming in-game Hail Marys you need to make to pull off the Easter Egg. The pay off, beyond saying you did it, seems relatively lame.

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