The Most Astounding Sim City, Population Six Million

YouTube user Thelmperar claims to have maxed out Sim City 3000 with the creation of Magnasanti, a metropolis a few years in the making.


Some facts about the city, from the video:

-Magnasanti has zero abandoned buildings.

-100% of all zoned structures are historical

-Zero water pollution

-Zero congestion

-No crime

-Utilities all done through neighbor deals

-Game completion date: 05/05/50,000

-Total population: 6,005,407

I'm impressed. When's he going to have a tornado whip through it?

[Thelmperar's video is from January, just found it via Reddit]

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This is amazing. Not just whether or not he "maxed out" the game, but this dedication is astounding. What really bothers me are all the comments berating him for what a neckbeard he must be because he cares about something this mundane this much. When was the last time some of you really had a passion for something this strong? Whether or not I place value on the game he decided to focus on is a moot point, I don't know anyone who has pursued one objective so fervently as this.

Just because this supposedly took him two years to plan doesn't mean it's the only thing he did for two years. I took my three weeks to do my Philosophy midterm essay, but that doesn't mean I sat in a chair for three weeks ignoring my health, hygiene and social life to do it. Maybe he does have a family, and friends, and a relationship, and a life, and that's WHY IT TOOK ALMOST TWO (and then three more) YEARS TO DO IT.

None of you are in any place to judge this person. Who cares what his passion was directed toward; this small thing captivated his imagination so strongly, and now something he did as a hobby purely to bring himself joy and the pride of accomplishment is known by hundreds of thousands of people. What did you do today?