The Most Astounding Sim City, Population Six Million

YouTube user Thelmperar claims to have maxed out Sim City 3000 with the creation of Magnasanti, a metropolis a few years in the making.


Some facts about the city, from the video:

-Magnasanti has zero abandoned buildings.

-100% of all zoned structures are historical

-Zero water pollution

-Zero congestion

-No crime

-Utilities all done through neighbor deals

-Game completion date: 05/05/50,000

-Total population: 6,005,407

I'm impressed. When's he going to have a tornado whip through it?

[Thelmperar's video is from January, just found it via Reddit]



So first of all, I wish that guy had asked a friend to make the video, because the one we watched was embarrassingly bad. The song choices were not appropriate for the subject matter, and the text of the video didn't really communicate enough useful information. Plus I really could've done without the dictionary definition of cheating; I think we already know what cheating is. And dude, I honestly don't care what name you gave your city, or why. If this were an actual real life scientific or mathematical achievement, or you'd broken some real life world record, fine, put a fancy name on your accomplishment. But it's Sim City, and the accomplishment really doesn't warrant that much interest.

Second, I just can't be that impressed by this guy's ability to max/min Sim City. Kudos to him for calculating how to do it, but I still don't see how it's worth it.

On the one hand, it defeats the purpose of Sim City as a simulation game. Just about every city in the world grows organically, and the cities that are planned usually start small and then grow organically after a certain point. No city starts out as "here's a few trillion dollars, build a giant, perfectly planned metropolis from scratch".

And on the other hand, if you want to look at this as purely a computational, reverse-engineering sort of problem, I still can't get very impressed. Sorry, but reverse engineering Sim City isn't anywhere near as challenging as the variety of unsolved mathematics and computational problems out there. I highly doubt there's anybody who ever went "Nobody will ever make the perfect city in Sim City!" It's not like the guy who made this video is really proving anybody wrong or anything.

I'm pretty sure everybody who's ever played Sim City has imagined that if you really wanted, you could design a city that optimally followed all of the game's rules. It seems perfectly possible, so this video doesn't strike me as the result of any sort of ambition, or accomplishment. Everyone acknowledges that it's entirely possible.

So when you finally see it done, it's not really impressive, and all you can do is marvel at why someone bothered in the first place.