Mighty No. 9 is finally out. Yet, it looks like some of the people who made it all happen are having difficulty getting their download codes or simply figuring out what exactly is going on.

Over 67,000 backers contributed a total of $3.8 million to fund this project.

After numerous delays, as the clock rolled over to the game’s June 21 release, backers flooded the game’s Kickstarter page saying they hadn’t yet received their codes. Or if they did get them, the code was for the wrong platform or didn’t work.

Keep in mind that not all digital stores release games at midnight on the dot. There is also a June 21 update on the game’s Kickstarter page addressing some, but not all, of these issues. Fixes did appear in the game’s comment section with the mod one super fan trying to help as much as possible:

Not everyone was having problems, it seems.

However, the majority of backers commenting on the Kickstarter page seemed to be having problems getting their codes or just getting them to work, leading to frustration:

At around 2:15am Eastern Time, a spokesperson for the game told Kotaku that the team was working on the issue and that it should be fixed shortly. Codes did apparently go out, but some people still go keys for the wrong regions or platforms.

Those who paid extra cash as backers had no clue what was going on with their rewards. Everything seems so disorganized with this rollout.

A messy conclusion to Mighty No.9's beleaguered Kickstarter story.