The Man Bringing Classic Arcade Cabinets Back

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The 80's were an awesome and bizarre time for arcades. Nobody knows this better than Gary Vincent, owner and operator of the American Classic Arcade Musuem in New Hampshire. For the past 3 years, he's been shipping 30 arcade cabinets to PAX East in an attempt to recapture the feel of those classic 1980's arcades.

We sat down with Gary and talked to him about the good old times of coin-op games, and what it's like to simulate the experience for a new generation.

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I do sorely miss arcades.

As a kid, I would sometimes hang about in the arcade for a full hour with only maybe 4 quarters to spend. I'd watch different screens, observe others playing, and have a blast seeking just the right moments (and games) to spend a precious quarter on, before walking and observing again for a while.

I particularly loved unique cabinets, like those that enclosed you or had crazy control methods. It all felt so much more gadget-y, playful, and inventive back then.